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Don Bosco Palabek: Shaping Futures, Inspiring Change

Don Bosco Palabek, situated in Lamwo Palabek refugee settlement, offers diverse programs aimed at rebuilding lives, fostering resilience, and cultivating leadership among the youth and disadvantaged individuals.

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At Don Bosco Palabek, we are dedicated to transforming lives. Here are some remarkable milestones:


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Programs and Initiatives

Discover our programs in vocational training, leadership, and arts, crafted to inspire and empower.

Holistic Programs for Future Leaders

Unlock your potential with our diverse training programs.

Holistic Support Services

We provide essential services to equip students for successful careers.

Innovative Learning Opportunities

Participate in innovative projects with our dedicated instructors.

Michael Johnson

Program Coordinator

Don Bosco Palabek has given me the chance to transform my future. Truly inspiring!

Don Bosco Palabek, located in Lamwo Palabek refugee settlement, offers a range of programs aimed at rebuilding lives and fostering growth.

Robert Wilson

Program Coordinator

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